Darling Sentimentality

…a lovely saccharine medley…


Guilt is the shortened kiss caused by the burden of a nervous heart.

Oh, how I hate this heart.

Inspiration from Rain

Four days straight of rain;

Something for my pen to be happy about,

For it is only when clouds rest in the sky

And cry for the sake of our planet’s growth

That I can create meaningful poetry


More often than not do people forget

That any mention of scars in songs, poetry, or conversation

Does not focus mainly on cuts of the wrist,

But life experiences that traumatize the soul

Making Light of the Situation

The Dark could sweep over this room

And cloud it up with Evil and Hate

Yet I would still stand before it

Pride getting the better of me

Make light of the situation

A Hospital Visit

There is nothing more satisfying

Than breathing a sigh of relief

As the needle is removed from your vein

And the hospital tag cut from your wrist

Aching Head

My head is pounding like the excited heart of an adolescent

On his first date, but unlike him I feel only the harshest

Of blows that send me back to bed

Fading Souls

Something does not feel right

About the people of today,

For when it becomes night

They all seem to decay,

Or simply soften and fade away

Justified Poisoning

The rain in the night never seems to end;

It simply descends from the sky to do what it must,

Feeding the Earth that is hungry for power

Without realizing that this is what’s turning it sour,

Yet somehow it believes this is right and just

Breath & Cessation

Oh, what power does lie within the Sun;

Oh, what might it casts onto flower;

Feeding their roots until the job is done,

Achieving the game of Life, a game well won

Until Death do them part and leaves the world sour

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