Many words has my hand crafted and pieced together like an elegant puzzle painted with arbitrary graphics, but still it continues to work in feverish excitement. Many of my works in the past have reflected my inner thoughts and perspective, though did not seem elevated enough. Perhaps my criticism is harsh or fabricated to those who are well informed of such pieces of writing from my past; nevertheless, improvement continues to improve itself. I will admit, however, that my former self struggled in the knots of words I couldn’t sort, thus leading me to a time of absence from paper. However, all obstacles can eventually be overcome and, if your writing truly wishes to grow, conquered.

Regarding the pieces that have brought me the most pride, I believe it’s necessary for me to boast about particular achievements that involved accomplishing a life-long dream. Given the motivation, I was inspired to submit two separate poems to an online contest in which winners would have those poems published inside a book that he/she could then order. In complete uprightness, I merely submitted both -at separate times of the previous year- all in jest. However, as a result, my poems were accepted and published. The following years, I accomplished yet another two published works. At this, my confidence as an author soars and pure joy overtakes me.

Being a published author continues to serve as my motivation for writing, and I sincerely suggest that my readers submit their own work to a contest. Not only does it boost confidence, but it serves as a sort of epiphany as well, making any author glow with success.

As my note to you, I leave you with this: Every author eventually meets a brick wall, but a true author strives for the reward behind it.


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