What Is My Purpose?

As an author, countless emotions are experienced in various lives based upon the genre being crafted. There is happiness, rage, misery, lust, hope, and much more that pours into the heart of authors. However, I am based solely on those moments shaped by sentimentality. Grief, heartbreak, and others play an important role that we as ordinary people experience but choose to, more often than not, ignore. My work reflects the darker areas we tend to shove to the back of our minds, and bring them forward to expose their effects. However, there will be moments of purity and light, just as there is throughout life. Expect the negatives to appear more often, but look into the works of joy as well.

In order to successfully draw the reader in and keep him/her turning the pages, it will be my goal to improve my imagery, elevate my vocabulary, and craft together a variety of sentence structures for constant peaked interest. I sincerely look forward to supplying readers with works that spark curiosity and reflect something within them.