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What Is My Purpose?

As an author, countless emotions are experienced in various lives based upon the genre being crafted. There is happiness, rage, misery, lust, hope, and much more that pours into the heart of authors. However, I am based solely on those moments shaped by sentimentality. Grief, heartbreak, and others play an important role that we as ordinary people experience but choose to, more often than not, ignore. My work reflects the darker areas we tend to shove to the back of our minds, and bring them forward to expose their effects. However, there will be moments of purity and light, just as there is throughout life. Expect the negatives to appear more often, but look into the works of joy as well.

I sincerely look forward to supplying readers with works that spark curiosity and reflect something within them.


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  1. It takes a very special writer to be able to connect with all the people they are writing to and you do the almost effortlessly. You, as a write and probably as a person, have a very unique perspective and a very daring and brave tone. when you call out the things we as people try to hide from “Grief, heartbreak, and others play an important role that we as ordinary people experience but choose to, more often than not, ignore.” you not only connected with me but you make others feel understood, and that is a very strong and wonderful attribute.
    ~The Honest Heart ❀

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  2. I love how much thought you put into your introduction. It hints at how good your writing will be. I can already tell that you won’t fall into elementary tones πŸ™‚ I have never thought about writing in this way, and I really like it. You just showed the difference between an author and a writer right there. I guess that I am just a writer. πŸ™‚ By the way, I love your blog. It’s so elegant and pretty!

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  3. I love they way you describe an authors job. Some people believe it is just about writing but there is so much more then that, i am glad you agree.

    ~ Just Another

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  4. I appreciate your dedication to your audience! I am sure with your goals and motivation people will love to read what you write. I enjoy how you put your goals here. I will look back at those goals as I read your work. I feel you are going to develop so much as a writer with an audience to read what you wrote.

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  5. I really agree with ” After all, there can exist no such author without a reader. Lose the reader and the author loses inspiration”. Hope to see some of y our writing soon!

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  6. I love your idea of the purpose of fiction, it makes me think of the fiction I’ve read and how it has impacted me, as I am not an author of fiction myself. I also think you have a great understanding of the intended relationship between author and reader, this is very important πŸ™‚

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