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May 2017

The Lotus: Play Script

Please feel free to follow the link below to read another short scene from my novel in progress, The Lotus! This piece is in a play script format for a class assignment, but I found it interesting to use nonetheless! Enjoy!


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It is the cotton of your favorite winter blanket

And the fur of your kitten that you just adopted,

As well as the vase that stands empty in the corner of the living room.

It sounds like morning mist whispering on a Saturday

And the heavy thunder outside your window that shakes the glass ever so slightly,

Which causes you to seek comfort in turning worn pages from an old book.

It tastes like the smoke you exhale from your addiction (you wonder why you never quit)

And the ashes that fly into your mouth from burning all those old love letters,

Or maybe it is the capsules that slide down your throat after every meal.

It feels like the comfort of your stuffed elephant that sits inside a cloth basket,

The soft touch of a feather you found outside your doorstep,

And it is the texture of concrete biting your clumsy knees.

Gray can bring comfort or melancholy depending on your relationship with it.


In Season

Sunlight stretches just above the

Strings of Wheat that cover a former

Naked Field that did not grow in harsh weather;

Out of Season, the sign read as hung by the Farmer

Who doubted the regrowth of his only business,

But to his delight the Day unveiled a fresh beginning

And something to wake up to


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The Civilian’s Perspective

Without time, he is afraid of the night;

Letters following war, pride from playing the hero

All for something calm, for justice;

Blind to carriers of difficult results, and

To who really are the heros

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This piece of Found Poetry was crafted simply because the topic of war has always interested me, more so when the perspective is that of civilians who are unaware of the hardships that soldiers experience. Not only is it unfortunate, but their misunderstanding is also quite frustrating in that they do not know in what ways to help veterans due to their lives spent at home. I attempted this piece in hopes of capturing the overall emotions felt when soldiers are returning home from war, and I sincerely hope it interests a few of my readers. This is a different topic for me to write about, and although brief, I am pleased with it.

I have always enjoyed reading and writing poetry, as it is the easiest form for my hand to write. I often find that creating stories out of poems comes much easier than writing out short stories or a full length novel. Poetry is a favorite, and I look forward to learning even more forms to use and share with my readers in the future!


Overwhelming waves of excitement

Swallow me whole in warm

Cascades that come and go,

Drowning out the ugly thoughts

And all of the approaching deadlines

So that I may remain focused

On what is to come much too

Slowly, but much too fast

All at once

The Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Photos and flowers;

A decaying marriage that’s

Been broken by lies

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