Average Doesn’t Cut It

Struggling to start a novel that has a small chance of touching people’s heart

Turning away from an illustration that my eyes plant the seed for disgust in

Feeling the heavy wave of disappointment crash over me as I sit doing nothing

But what can I do when money is tight?

When businesses don’t give an amateur a chance to be a professional?

Give me a chance to prove my worth so that I may seek new talents

Talents that will draw attention and give me a sense of accomplishment

But for now, it’s still,

“What can I possibly do to make myself feel like a somebody?”

Somebody who has talents

Somebody who can achieve her dreams

Not just sit back, stuck, while everyone else achieves theirs

I don’t want to be boring old average

I want to be a somebody


3 thoughts on “Average Doesn’t Cut It

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  1. You know even I had such thoughts like I want to achieve a lot but not getting the right opportunity which made me frustrated.All this made me think that I am not the genius kind of person so I have to be satisfied with less.I indulged in overthinking and felt sinking.But you know,we actually don’t have to write for anyone but for self.Although it does matter when our piece touches people’s life but ultimately by the end of the day we have to feel great about ourselves which should be independent of people’s appreciation,comments and likes.As someone commented before,I would repeat it that even if you change one person’s life,its enough because you never know that one person can change how many lives!
    And as you write so well,you are already ‘somebody’ full of talent and potential to achieve your dreams,so go on writing your novel.Do not worry about the consequences and do not try to equate your success with your rewards.Success is actually when you give your best,there can be chances of your novel not going the way you want but you do not have to feel low if you give your best.
    I would suggest you to read Robin Sharma’s book : ‘ Discover Your Destiny’ and his videos on youtube are very motivating.
    Its rightly said the more you suffer and sacrifice the more successful you will be.In order to double your income,you have to triple your learning.I love the quote ”The more you sweat in training,the less you bleed in battle!”

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  2. I can totally understand your frustration and helplessness in this kind of situation. I can’t really find the words for encouragement, but this will have to do.

    I think probably a whole lot of ‘somebodies’ feel like they are ‘boring old average’. Sometimes the worst thing you can do is over think writing and your impact on the world, instead of just doing. Positive mindsets create positive actions which in turn create positive impacts.

    Sometimes the greatest impacts are ones that neither person notices at the time. We can be ‘off saving the world’ with big acts and empty impacts. Or we can waiting patiently to fulfill a simple act, and change a life. I’ve know many people try to ‘change the world’ with big acts, and not impact it in the slightest. However, those who I remember, are the ones who just happened upon a situation and changed my life. . . . If that makes any sense.

    You want to change a world, that’s great! However, I have found being there for when it counts, for just that one person, is a more noble and rewarding endeavor. To be there in the small, quiet, needed moments when no one else will. You could do both, but it seems that many can only do one best. I try to follow these words, so I don’t want my name to be written in the papers, but engraved on the hearts of those who count.

    Basically, to make a difference, you don’t have to change the world, you just have to change one person’s world. The difference of quantity and quality.

    I understand your struggle with writing, but know that your writing has touched me deeply. You have an extensive understanding of the world and can easily play the heart strings of raw human emotions and natures. You are lovely. Keep on writing! 🙂

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