Fictional Affections

How is it that novels can so perfectly arrange the details of affection between lovers? The way the story intertwines delicately with soft details that so clearly display an emotional love drags me in. I’m jealous of such authors who remarkably paint such deep love into their stories, adding hints of warmth and pure affection here and there to tug at heartstrings. In the end, I am left wondering:


Is it easier to create fictional love and describe it so intimately perfectly than it is to feel it in reality with a partner?


Will I ever feel such deep love?


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  1. As a reader of “fictional affections” in novels and writing my own in my on going novel, this is a very interesting piece. In all reality to answer your question, I believe it is easier to create fictional love because I have written intimate scenes without ever having a deep relationship. Your wording and ideas are beautiful, just like always! Keep on writing! 🙂

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