I often find myself daydreaming too much, too long

Caught in a web of thinly weaved silk sewn precariously

Attached to its endless destinies like an unintelligible insect

Distracted by the present enough to collide with it

Escaping reality to collide with it purposefully


I often find myself awake too much, too long

Caught in late night thoughts prying at my mind

Attached to their inviting plotlines and outcomes

Distracted by the faint glow of the moon on the wall

Escaping the nightmares of the day that force me to live


 I often find myself crying too much, too long

Caught in suffocation and silent chokes

Attached to former fates that never met the present

Distracted too much by thoughts and daydreams

Escaping reality too much and for too long to live a fulfilled life