Side Effects of a Broken Heart

How do you know when you truly love someone? Well, that’s easy.

   The moment you separate from them, you feel queasy.

   When you go hours without speaking to them, you experience harsh headaches that come and go.

   Your stomach tightens up and leaves no room for an appetite, but rarely allows it.

   Your eyes will change into a dark, sickening hue that only those who look closely will notice.

   Your mind stays on longer at night, forcing you to become sleep deprived night after night.

   Overall, you become an ill mess who is not really ill, just heartbroken and sad.


One thought on “Side Effects of a Broken Heart

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  1. I love that you suggested a broken heart identifies as truly loving someone; this is something I’ve proven to be true way too many times, and it’s a really hard topic to explain but you did it beautifully it this piece.

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