Imagine, just for a brief moment, the grey-blue of the morning overwhelming the coldness of your new bedroom. The sun is rising slowly, bits and pieces of its rays catching in the curtains veiling your window while the chill of a breeze floats through the opened crack. It is dreary outside, the tapping rain drawing your attention and curving your lips into a smile.

   Beside you lays your one and only, your entire world. They remain asleep, shoulders tucked beneath the blankets and their hair sprawled out on the pillow in a tangled mess. Their breaths are shallow and admirable; the way their fingers twitch next to their face sparks a giggle in you. Then the overwhelming joy creeps into your heart and you’re stuck there, smiling like a fool in love.

You think silently to yourself,

This is it. This is where I start living. Life is so beautiful now.


                  What could possibly be more beautiful than this?


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