Yours Truly

Dear Agony,


   It feels as though you never leave my side. In some cases people might think that having someone by your side twenty-four seven is something to be cherished but oh, how wrong they are. For you see, those types of people are blind to the pain that you burden me with. Those types of people merely see the smiles painted upon my face and give not a second thought as to whether it is sincere or artificial. For what care could they possibly have for me? For what reason would mere strangers stop and consider my hardships and make any attempt at lifting my spirit? This is the struggle you witness with me nearly everyday but keep silent about. I find myself often wondering why you do not open your voice, but then I remember that you are Agony, and Agony has nothing to offer but silence and self-hatred. Nevertheless, I suppose I owe you thanks for keeping at my side for there is no one else who is so bold to do so.


Yours Truly,

The Burdened Heart


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