Mr. Anxiety

He is the dismay and panic when an hour has elapsed and there is still no response

The distorted idea that everyone is too troubled by you

He is the depression that hits when potential new friends do not follow through

The sadness that no one is willing to hear your voice

He is the constant uneasiness in the heart when it begins to love

The distrust that outweighs the ability to hold confidence in others

He is the nonstop negativity after an unprepared for assessment

The nagging fear of failure that both cripples and haunts your mind

He is the nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are asked to speak in front of others

The trembles that overtake your body and threaten to shove it to the dirt

He is the killer of all motivation

The murderer that seeks out your dreams and distances them from you

He is the never-ending doubt that you adjust your appearance for, even if it means being late

The overwhelming feeling that everyone is staring your insecurities in the face

He is the disorder that makes life more difficult than it should be

He is Mr. Anxiety


3 thoughts on “Mr. Anxiety

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  1. This is an excellent example of personification. It’s very relatable, as we all have a Mr. (or Mrs.) Anxiety lurking through our bodies. Your specific examples of when he shows up make this a powerful piece. Nice work!

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