A Dream on the Shelf

Trying to find one dream alone to pursue is like browsing the dusty shelves of a library in search of merely one book, that is, until a librarian approaches and informs you that you’re free to check out as many as your eager arms can carry. As a result, your selection expands and entices you to seek out books that resemble your wants in life. With every decision made there opens a door of opportunity for each; with every page turned there comes progress towards seeing it through. Some may remain unfinished, untouched even, while others are given more interest. Whether the pages of your chosen books are fragile and worn or glossy and fresh, it falls upon your hands to decide which to pursue as well as how many pages you are willing to turn. A few may disappear from sight along the way, even the books you swore to complete, but do not allow what has been lost to prevent you from moving forward. Rediscover the books that remain or revisit the library to seek out new dreams. With every shelf there sits a diversity of adventures and goals waiting to become personal belongings.

In the event that you find yourself staring in the face of empty shelves consult the librarian, for he/she will seek out your dreams for you after a quick survey of your desires in life. Once he/she has presented you with what you need, see it through. The librarian is someone filled to the brim with unlimited ideas, capable of finding just what you may be looking for when all hope is forsaken. The librarian is someone you may want to avoid due to the fear that he/she will be unable to assist you. Fear not, for the librarian is trustworthy. The librarian is someone who knows you best, perhaps better than you think. So the next time you reach for a dream on the shelf, pay close attention to who the librarian really is.


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